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  • Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered – Real Vs Fake

    Fake makeup products are certainly all over & can also be easily purchased at a fraction of the cost of real products. I'm sure many have been scammed into purchasing fakes & refuse to go down that road again!  But how does one tell the difference between a real and a fake when they can look uncannily similar. Or are they similar at all? Well this blog by beauty & lifestyle blogger Blooming Hayaa has all the answers & more! Read on to find out...
  • Wisdom into choosing the right foundation

    These days choosing a foundation can be a daunting task! With so many choices it can leave you feeling even more confused than before! You don’t want to look like a clown but neither do you want an unpolished look. So Mystic Beauty SA has put together some tips on how to make the right foundation choice to get that natural flawless look!

  • Tools for Flawless Foundation Application - Video

    A great Fenty Beauty video showing you how to apply foundation to get that flawless look.
  • Real vs Fake? Spot the Differences!

    Fake or counterfeit makeup can easily be passed of as real or original. If you don't know how to tell the difference, you can easily be scammed. Mystic Beauty SA has put together some practical tips on how to spot the differences between an original and a fake makeup product. Read our Blog - Real vs Fake? Spot the differences! It will save you alot of heartache and money!
  • Makeup Miracles

    Mystic Beauty SA has teamed up with blogger Sham-z

    We will inspire and give you insight into some of the miracles makeup can offer.

  • Why Counterfeit has Consequences

    The makeup industry is rampant with fake products. Imitations of designer branded makeup products are easily accessible to consumers in South Africa. It is very concerning as these fakes pose a real threat and danger to the users health. The short term effects are well known. There is a real risk for long term use of these fake products. Read up on the dangers of using counterfeit or fake makeup products!