Wisdom into choosing the right foundation



Wisdom into choosing the right foundation!

These days choosing a foundation can be a daunting task! With so many choices it can leave you feeling even more confused than before! You don’t want to look like a clown but neither do you want an unpolished look. So Mystic Beauty SA has put together some tips on how to make the right foundation choice to get that natural flawless look!

1. Skin Type

Skin Types

Cream, liquid, stick or powder? With these many options how does one choose? Well your skin type will determine what kind of foundation to opt for.

Oily - There’s nothing worse than your foundation being smudged off by your oily skin! So, if you struggle with oily skin then opt for oil-free or powder-type foundations. These contain powders that absorb excess oil leaving your skin looking matte with a smooth finish.

Dry - Don’t despair if you are dry! Liquids, sticks and hydrating powder type foundations will work for you. Whilst liquids and sticks have a moisturizing effect, you could also achieve this with mineral powders too (not regular pressed powders). They have specially blended ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin. 

So a moisturizing foundation or a good moisturizer with your foundation is key!

Combination - If you neither excessively oily nor dry then you could opt for a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and conceal any minor flaws. Alternatively try a powder foundation – this will allow you to apply a little more to the area you need to and less where you don’t need to. This way you won’t show off any visible lines which may occur with liquid or stick foundations.

Sensitive Skin - Being afraid of using makeup because of sensitive skin is a thing of the past. Choose a foundation that contains salicylic acid - this miracle ingredient dries up your glands that produce oil. If you are still struggling, some professional help will help to guide you into finding fragrance free, hypoallergenic options.

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2. Consider the coverage level you want

We all have a different preference when it comes to coverage. Some may want full coverage daily whilst others may want the 'less is more' effect. Thankfully there are different products to choose from to get the coverage level you prefer.

Sheer, medium or full are your coverage options.

To get a sheer look, this means all you need to do is apply a little product to cover and even out the skin. BB & CC creams, a tinted moisturizer or a little foundation mixed with your daily moisturizer can get you this sheer natural look.

If you are starting out and unsure, then go with a lightweight to medium coverage as its buildable.

Generally, for problematic skins and for those who don’t want the ‘mid-day touch up’, then a long wear, full coverage option would be your best choice.

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3. Your skins undertones

Skin tones can get somewhat confusing with terms like cool, warm and neutral. Everyone has a natural undertone to their skin. Foundation shades are based on these so it’s best to choose a shade according to your natural tone.

It’s easier to relate your bare skin complexion to being either rosy (pink toned) or golden (yellow toned). Rosy equates to a cool undertone and golden to a warm undertone. If you find you are neither of these, then your undertone is neutral.

4. Shade Match

      Your forearm provides plenty of room to swatch and I always thought this was the best place to compare shades. Turns out this isn’t the case! This part of your body can be darker than your face. So the best place to swatch would be your jawline.

      • Ensure that you have good natural lighting when choosing your foundation shade
      • Swatch 3 shades that you think will match closest to your skin
      • Wait for about 20 minutes as shades do oxidize i.e. get slightly deeper (due to the skins natural oils and the components in the foundation)
      • Choose the one that disappears into your skin

      Remember that you want your SKIN to look natural and amazing, not the FOUNDATION!

      And if all else fails, seek professional help.

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          5. Foundation Finish

          A finish is the kind of look it leaves on your skin. These classic looks are what most aim for: Dewy, Matte or Luminous.

          Dewy - A dewy finish gives your skin a glowing effect. Moisturizing foundations are recommended to get this look without the use of setting powders. However this finish is not recommended for oily skin but a good choice for mature or dry skin types.

          Matte - A matte look is you go-to option if you have an oily/combination skin type. Matte foundations give you that even, powdery finish as they absorb excess oil. It is essential to use a mattifying primer to help achieve this look.

          Luminous - A luminous look gives your skin a natural glow without it looking too oily or dull. So if your skin looks dull and just lacks lustre, then this may just be the look you need. Recommendations are to use a primer with a lightweight foundation or BB cream with a luminous finish as well as a luminous powder. A luminous product is generally enriched with light reflective particles (mica & crushed pearls) which gives that radiant effect. Alternatively mix your foundation with a liquid highlighter, set with a powder and apply powder highlighter for more radiance.


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          Tips to get the best look with your foundation

          1. Exfoliate at least once a week – this will slough of dead skin and ensure a smooth application.
          2. Use a good moisturizer daily with a SPF.
          3. Use a good primer as this ensures a smooth base for foundation application, will help set your foundation and ensure your makeup lasts longer.
          4. For that air-brushed look, opt for a primer that contains silicone – this fills in the pores and lines and illuminates your look.
          5. Wait a few minutes after applying your primer before applying your foundation.
          6. Apply concealer after the primer but before the foundation.

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