Why Counterfeit has Consequences

Why Counterfeit has Consequences

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Let’s face it. We ALL LOVE makeup. We LOVE it EVEN MORE if we buy is at a killer deal! Who won’t be thrilled at the prospect of owning designer branded make-up at such bargains?

Much-anticipated high-end makeup products from different international brands are sought out by both young and old. With so many brands to choose from, it can leave one feeling rather confused. More confusion comes into play when one has to make that choice between an authentic or fake.

Apart from pricing, both authentic and counterfeit products are the same, right?


Put on the brakes!

Let us take you down that beauty isle to highlight the toxic truth you need to know about fake makeup products.

The Beauty Bulletin- Mystic Beauty SA Blog Pictures

 Insight into the world of counterfeit makeup products

They contain chemicals, known carcinogens, animal faeces and harmful bacteria.

Counterfeit makeup often contains known carcinogens arsenic, beryllium, and cadmium. It also has an alarming number of potentially infection-causing bacteria that can lead to scarring, burning, and disfigurement.”says Dr. Bobby Buka, a Dermatologist in New York City and a contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skin care line.

Hazardous chemicals found in counterfeit products can lead to the following:

  • Eye infections
  • Swollen lips
  • Mouth blisters
  • Chemical burns


    Fake products contain dangerously high levels of lead. Over time, this builds up and leads to lead poisoning.  Pregnant women risk miscarriage or premature birth if they are exposed to too much of lead.


    Counterfeit products contain high amounts of mercury. This chemical causes damage to the heart, kidneys, immune system, lungs, and brain.


    Traces of arsenic are present in fake products. Arsenic is a toxic element that causes abdominal pain, shock, or even death.


    Animal waste has been found in fake makeup products. One bacteria that has been identified in fake cosmetics is e. coli (Escherichia coli). E. coli causes severe diarrhea, as well as kidney failure. E.Coli is present in human fecal matter and is spread by people not washing their hands. These products are made by illegal companies in unsanitary conditions like someone’s filthy garage.

    Do you really want to be a part of this?

    What’s the bottom line?

    The Beauty Bulletin - Mystic Beauty SA Blog Pictures

    • They are a hazardous to your health!
    • Fake products can cause visible, long term side effects on your health.
    • Fake products are unregulated.
    • Purchase authentic designer branded products instead of fake products.
    • If you spot a bargain that seems too good to be true, it probably is!
    • It is safer for your health to own a few authentic products than many fakes.

    Counterfeit makeup is a rip off and a health danger.

    Save up and get the real deal – your health is far too valuable to compromise!

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    • This is the first time I have come across a beauty company that has done an article like this. Thanks for this.

      Also thanks for the great service. Received my products and in love with it.

    • Thanks for alerting us on the dangers of using fake makeup! I’m so glad that I’ve always stayed away from using fakes. By the way, love your products. Have purchased from you a few times. Will definitely recommend your online store as an authentic stockist.

    • Thank you for this well written and researched article.
      When it comes to your health what you put on your body is every bit as important as what you put in, as products applied to the skin enter the bloodstream!

      Love the extensive range of authentic beauty products @mysticbeautysa!


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